Page links not fitting in the menu

If you add additional pages to your menu and they no longer fit within that block of the design, you can try adjusting the spacing between links and the top menu margin (if applicable) to resolve the problem. To try this, follow these steps:


1. Log into VedaCMS and go to "Settings"

2.  Click on "Site Font Settings"

3. Click on "Menu Links"

4. Locate "Menu Spacing" and choose a new value from the drop-down.
I recommend starting small and working your way up (i.e.: 5 pixels).

5. If you have a vertical menu that appears to have padding above it, do the same thing for "Top Margin" as you did in the step above.

6. Save your changes by clicking "Click Here to Save Changes" at the bottom of the page and reload your website. If the problem is still there, go back and adjust the spacing & margin as needed.

If you still can't get it to look right, open a ticket by emailing and I can fix this for you.