Note: These instructions apply to VedaCMS version 9.0 or later.
If you have an older version of VedaCMS installed, you may still have this feature, but the steps would be slightly different because of changes to the interface in later versions. Either request an upgrade or go to 'Settings > Member Settings' to see if you have an option for 'Site wide' protection or similar.

Password Protect Entire Website

VedaCMS includes an option that allows you to set your entire website as members only. When this feature is active, your normal home page is replaced with a member login form and you have the ability to add whatever custom text you want above the form.

To use this feature, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Add Custom Content to Login Page

1. Log into VedaCMS and click on "Pages".


2. Under the "Other Content Areas" section, click the edit icon next to the "Universal Login Page" title.


3. Add/edit whatever custom text you want to appear above the login form.  You can use the insert image tool to add your logo or a photo.


4. Click "Save Changes".



Step 2: Activate Full Site Protection

1. Log into VedaCMS and click on "Settings".


2. Go to "Member Settings".


3. Click on "Site Wide Protection".


4. Next to "Full Site Protection", check "Full Membership Required". 
You can use 'Simple Passcode' if you want to just give a single passcode out to those you want to view your site.


5. Click "Click Here to Save Changes".



6. Go to your website (or refresh if you already had it open).  You should now be automatically directed to the member login page.